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Our Story

“Bantuway Ltd was established in 1996 solely to provide a ONE-STOP quality meat, poultry and fish shop for the majority of Africans and African -Caribbean's who travel long distances in the early mornings to buy the aforementioned products fresh, and at wholesale prices.


Bantuway Ltd has since grown from a retailer to a major meat, fish and poultry importer. We procure 90% of products sold in our outlets directly from the manufacturer; hence, we are very competitive.


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Our Vision

HEALTHY EATING – Our food processing factory in Silvertown, London, epitomizes our drive to serve our customers food processed in hygienically clean, air-conditioned environment. This is comparable to food prepared for stores such as Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda.

We take great care in selecting the products we import and sell to the public. Our suppliers are second to none and of international repute. Our products are processed and packed under the strict hygiene rules of the Food Standards Agency (FSA).We are regulated and inspected by the Meat Hygience Service (MHS).

TIME SAVERS- We are constantly looking at ways of reducing the time you spend cooking meat, poultry and fish. For example, some of our Yellow Croaker , Malangwa and Tilapia come scaled, gutted and cut.

We sell Pluvera Chicken legs and thighs in various pack sizes; they are ideally cut into the average serving size ready for boiling or grilling whichever you prefer. You can also get ready picked farm-frozen vegetables grown in Africa.

Why Choose Us?

“Today, average ability and middling performance are not enough to guarantee the success of a business; therefore, we have improved on our good Customer Service. In our business, customer’s satisfaction and convenience come first.

We understand the tight daily work schedule of our customers and this is reflected in our business opening hours and the home delivery service we offer. That is, our customers make the gains why we take the pain – a concept championed by Bantuway

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